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The I Ching is a several thousand years old Chinese divination art After each consulation you will obtain an hexagram (a set of 6 lines, dashed or continuous) that will shed light on the situation that you are currently studying.Despite the lyricism of the classical comments, I have chosen a simpler version, done by consulting the Oracle.
Taoscopy 3.0 is the last offspring of a series of I Ching consulting applications. This time, emphasis has been placed on ease of use. A tutorial mode will help you to quickly take the grips with your application, which also contains an help file that you will be always able to consult..
Further important innovations are the automatic update of the comments, the possibilty to toggle between the simplified and detailed modes, the zoom and functions for sharing your consultations on Twitter and Facebook.
Key features :
Consulting the I Ching and adding your consultation to the list of hexagrams.Displaying comments in simplified mode, with lines and transformation comments.Displaying comments in detailed mode, with derivatives, nuclear, mirror and complementary hexagrams.Zoom function to ease the reading of the text.Sharing features through email, Facebook and Twitter.Saving and adding hexagrams to the list.Advanced search functionTutorial mode to ease the adoption of the application.Automatic update of the commentsAdjustments have been made to help the blind and partially sighted persons to use the application.